Old Park in Jaffna town will see a new facelift in near future

Northern Province Governor G.A.Chandrasiri has denied news reports which appeared in some sections of the Tamil media stating that the 18th century Old Park in Jaffna town, which the Archaeological Department recently declared as a site of archaeological value, will be demolished on his orders.

When contacted, He told our official web site ( www.np.gov.lk ) that these reports are totally incorrect and baseless.

In fact, the Government has implemented a plan to renovate and beautify the park while preserving and protecting the sites of archaeological value in it. Accordingly the old parapet wall ( constructed in 2002 ) will be demolished and a beautifully netted-wall will be built in its place to enable passers-by to view the park also from outside, he said.

According to governor, the old park (selected segment of the park )  will be renovated for the benefit of the Jaffna people, meanwhile, Old Jaffna Kachcheri building will be converted to a Archeological museum. Around 100 million rupees have been allocated for this purpose. Already first stage of the work has commenced. Archeological Department of Paredeniya University is involved in this process.

The ancient tank inside the Old park premises will be preserved and protected by a fence.

He further said that the landscaping and beautifying work will be done in consultation with the Archaeological Department. The Governor said that a program to renovate the Old Jaffna Kachcheri building to give it a new facelift will be implemented and this too would be done in consultation and with assistance from the Archaeological Department.

Further , Governor has also called a special media conference on 4th October 2011 at 10.00AM at the governor’s sub office Jaffna to brief on the developments in this regard.

Site and renovation maps will be placed in front of the Old Jaffna Kachcheri building and Old park premises to inform the public about the real developments.

It should be noted that some sections of local tamil media in Jaffna has a practice of  creating baseless news to tarnish the image of the governor. This is not a good practice of media ethics. Media should be quick enough to identify the good things and appreciate it while contributing constructive comments on the weak points of the administration.

Good work of the governor will not be disturbed by these petty allegations.