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Overall Management of the Northern Province.

News and Events

Governor participates in Prize Giving Ceremony of Vaddu Hindu College

J/Vaddukoddai Hindu College celebrated the Annual Prize Day and Founder’s Day on 07th September 2018. Governor Reginald Cooray graced the event as Chief Guest and presented prizes and certificates to the winners.


The principal of the School S.Thananjayan presided over this event and made welcome address.

“When I was young, I heard that the children in Jaffna studied in the light of street lamps due to lack of electricity facilities, they had higher education and got higher positions in the country. Today you have electricity facilities everywhere but there is a fall in education. Therefore we need a new way to improve education. The politicians think of next election only. But I always think of the future generations.

There are no ethnic and religious differences for education. There is a situation where any child can get their higher education in the country. Everyone and everything will come to you if you have good education. Humanity is very important.

Northern Provincial Chief Minister CV  Wigneswaran's two sons are married to Sinhala women. Jaffna needs peace and harmony like in Wigneswaran's house.” Governor said.

Shortage of doctors in hospitals in the north tends to be higher. Therefore, I request the doctors who are appointed after finishing their education at Jaffna University should work at least 4 years in their regions. You have suffered a 30-year war. I should have your better education in peaceful atmosphere and make the country brighter without choosing the path again. Every second and every day passes will not get you back again. Your future would be better if they always give priority to education at the time available. He further added.






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