Nature too Respects Peace and Harmony - 15 June 2010

Terrorism has been eradicated and there is peace and harmony prevailing in the country. The guns that were booming then, for more than 30 years, are now silent.

As is often mentioned in literary circles the “Silence is echoing and re-echoing and extremely vibrant” in the country. The flora and fauna too appreciate these gifts of nature and is responsive in their turn.

In Sri Lanka, the lagoons in Elephant Pass regions were a boon to the seasonal migratory birds who flock to these regions. The verdant water spots were found to be enthralling to these Birds who visited these spots annually on their migrant visits. Their return to these waters once again brings back nostalgic memories of the days of yore and show that nature too has its own ways and respects peace and harmony more than man. This, by its mere happening is a very good indication of the peace enjoyed by all and Sundry.

These pictures that you see here were “captured on film” by Hon. Governor, Northern Province at Elephant Pass on 15 June 2010.