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Department of Revenue - Northern Province
Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary - Personnel Development & Training
Assembly Secretariat
Ministry of Agriculture
Dept. of Agriculture
Dept. of Buildings
Governor's Secretariat (Old Park)
Chief Minister's Office
Department of Probation Childcare Sercices
Assembly Secretariat
Health Minister's Office
Dept. of Social Service
Education Minister's Office
Dept. of Rural Development
Agriculture Minister's Office
Dept. of Audit
Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary-Planning
Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary-Finance
Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary-Engineering
Department of Indigenous Medicine
Dept. of Animal Production & Health
Dept. of Motor Traffic
Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary-Administration
Co-operative Employees Commission
Management Development Training Institute (MDTI)
Dept. of Irrigation
Provincial Public Service Commission
Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs & Sports
Dept. of Education
Dept. of Sports
Dept. of Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Health & IM
Chief Secretary's Secretariat
Department of Health Services
Department of Local Government
Dept. of Industries
Dept. of Co-operative Development
Dept. of Road Development
Dept. of Land Administration
ICTA Training Center
Governor's Secretariat
Fisheries Minister's Office


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